The Benefits of House Plants

We can think of no better way to live than in the midst of a green indoor jungle, this is why should think the same.

We can think of no better way to live than in the midst of a green indoor jungle, but a bunch of houseplants is as close as we can get right now. Indoor greenery has so many positives so it will be hard to include all of them in just one post, but we will try…  

My obsession with house plants started about 3 years ago. I had just moved into my university halls and brought along a little spider plant to keep me company. After neglecting my little friend for several months I began to realise that it wasn’t doing so well. I felt a pang of guilt and from that day onwards began to look after my growing collection of plants as if they were my children.

Over the years my flat has turned into somewhat of a palace of all things plants. My spider plant now takes up most of the chest of drawers and has had probably close to 100 little baby spider plants which I have propagated and gifted to friends and family.

Having an indoor jungle, of course, requires constant attention. If we go away for longer than a week we have to get someone in to water them all and you have to keep on top of when plants become root bound or may show signs of illness. But with all that work comes a tonne of benefits!!

Firstly, they bring life to any space. Whether it is your window sill, that awkward bit of your room which you never know what to put in, or even the dull dark corner, you will find a plant to suit every condition. All you need to do is a few quick searches to find out which type of plant would suit the conditions of your spot.

They are great for relaxation and productivity. This is why plants are also great for the office. They help bring some calm and allow you to stay productive, creative and focused. The University of Exeter carried out a study into productivity in the workplace and found that those working around indoor plants were 15% more productive than those without.

They teach you how to look after things (go with us for a second here). Owning a pet or having a child can seem really daunting and often we feel as if we would have no idea how to look after anything else. After all, we all can struggle to clothe, wash and feed ourselves properly sometimes so how will we ever be able to be responsible for something else? Well plants require attention, love and care so it’s good practice! Plus it makes you realise that it is really nice to be needed and to be able to care for something.

They cleanse the air. This is more true for some specific types but house plants overall show this trend. The best ones that are easy to care for are spider plants, aloe vera and snake plants as they purify the air by filtering out nasty toxins and releasing humidity into the air. They are said to help you recover quicker from the common cold and suffer less from allergies… winner

They make great gifts. Once you have grown your plants for a while, some types may begin to propagate, meaning they create little offshoots that you can plant and create a whole new individual mini plant that will start to grow. These make perfect little gifts and say a lot more than a box of chocolates.

So it’s clear that the benefits of house plants are endless, and you have no excuses not to pick up a little green friend; they don’t have to be expensive and they fit in the smallest of apartments. So the only problem here is, which to get first?…